(Preliminary) sales agreement: your 5 most important questions as buyer

You’ve found your dream home? Now this memorable moment has arrived it is time to officially record the purchase. This is done in the form of a ‘preliminary sales agreement’. A preliminary sales agreement acts as the basis for the deed of sale that is drawn up by a notary. But what exactly does this preliminary sales agreement entail? Below we’ve listed the five most important questions for you. 

1. What is in the sales agreement?

A sales agreement lists all the details necessary for the purchase or transfer of title of your property. The seller needs some information from you to draw up the sales agreement. The sales agreement contains the following:

  • Info about the seller
  • Info about the buyer
  • A detailed description of the property
  • Possible conditions precedent
  • The agreed price
  • The date on which the official deed of sale is signed
  • Date and time of the transfer of title
  • Information on certificates to be provided

2. Who draws up the sales agreement?

Are you buying a property via Matexi in Flanders?

Then Matexi will draw up the sales agreement for you. You will receive an email from us asking you to fill out all the necessary details for drawing up the sales agreement.


Are you buying a property via Matexi in Wallonia?

The notary will then draw up the sales agreement for you.


After the agreement has been drawn up, it will be sent to you and you will be given the necessary time to check all the information and pass on any questions/comments.

Matexi’s sales agreements are drawn up with the utmost care and meet all legal standards. This way you the buyer enjoys maximum protection.


3. When and where do you sign the sales agreement?

As soon as both parties have reached an agreement and the sales agreement is drawn up (and proofread) it is time to seal the deal by signing it.
You sign the agreement in your capacity as buyer and pay the deposit via bank transfer. The payment deadline, the amount and the payment details are already listed in the sales agreement.

4. The Matexi price is the price guarantee

Matexi offers a unique price guarantee: the price at the moment of signing the sales agreement never changes. Your personal advisor provides assistance in every stage of the construction process. This gives you something priceless: peace of mind. Matexi is a family business with a long history and our word is our bond - a promise that has held true for over 75 years.

How is that possible? Matexi starts building a neighbourhood before the sales process starts. We work with a regular pool of contractors with whom fixed price agreements are made. Naturally the rising construction costs are also discussed with them. This way, when you sign the preliminary sales agreement, you know exactly how much you’ll pay for your home, without unexpected costs.

5. What is the difference between the sales agreement and the deed of sale?

The sales agreement or preliminary sales agreement is binding and acts as the basis for drawing up the notarial deed. A notarial deed is required to legally seal a sale. The deed must be executed by the notary within a period of 4 months after the signing of the sales agreement.