Vilvoorde 4 Fonteinen

  • 176 homes
  • 1023 apartments
  • 25000 m² commercial space
  • 8392 m² offices
  • 832 parking places
  • 132134 m² project surface


CLIENT(S): publiek-private samenwerking tussen Matexi, Stad Vilvoorde en De Vlaamse Waterweg nv

Masterplan BUUR, EVR, Urban Platform
Architecture: Beel-Achtergael Architecten, A2O, Crepain Binst, Atelier Kempe Thill
Landscape architecture: Bas Smets

TOTAL COSTS (EXCL. VAT): 265.290.116 €
BVO in m²: 167.680 m²

2011 start development
2013 start realisation
2035 expected completion date


"4 Fonteinen" is a multifunctional project on the former industrial sites in Vilvoorde, between the sea channel and the river Zenne. Matexi remediated this brownfield and step by step developed a family-friendly, sustainable, car-free and urban neighbourhood in a park-like setting, with no less than 30,000 m² of communal green areas and squares. From 2020, a new pedestrian bridge across the canal will be connected to the nature reserve "3 Fonteinen".

Zijaanzicht van de appartementen

This neighbourhood not only houses 1,200 apartments and homes, but also provides space for restaurants, offices, shops, facilities, workshops and social initiatives. This new district is also future proof, thanks to a master plan that meets the needs of residents and local residents, now and in the future, including a sophisticated, sustainable mobility plan and flexible and adaptable buildings.

In 2020 Carrefour will open a new shop on the site and in 2022 the new primary school of SCOOP will open on the site. Neighbourhood feeling, sustainability, affordable living, lots of green public space, private terraces, underground parking, alternative mobility; this neighbourhood has it all!

Zicht vanaf het water op de appartementen

For over 20 years now Matexi has focused on inner-city reconversion projects, redevelopment of both historical heritage buildings and former industrial sites and vacant, obsolete buildings. These transformation projects fit perfectly with today´s emphasis on dealing carefully with the available space.

´Brownfield´ is a term used for grounds that - due to the presence of soil pollution - are no longer suitable for use. Such industrial grounds often enjoy a good location, close to the urban centre. We clean them up, integrate them into the urban fabric and redevelop them into lively new residential neighbourhoods.

We strive for a sustainable future. To succeed in this we work from a long-term vision. We proceed from planet, people, profit: we start out from a duty to care for both the world (planet) and society (people). Profit is a result and a means, never an end in itself - although it is necessary so as to be able to continue practicing our profession.

All stakeholders are involved in a ´participatory process´ when a new residential neighbourhood is designed: the local community - the nearby residents and their possible associations - as well as local government authorities, social housing companies, roads and traffic, nature and forest, … Goal: a residential neighbourhood with which and in which everyone can have a wonderful life; and a project that is welcome in the neighbourhood.

Matexi encourages neighbourhoods where we can simultaneously live, shop, work, go to school and relax. So we reduce the use of autos and a neighbourhood remains alive long after school is over and offices have closed. Inner-city core reinforcement with sufficient neighbourhood amenities encourages not only the neighbourhood experience, it also brings the people who live there closer to one another.

We don´t let purchased buildings and/or grounds lie fallow while awaiting further development. On the contrary, we do everything we can to make them useful and to enable nearby residents to become familiar with the site. Neighbourhood-reinforcing initiatives such as a wide range of association activities, a social café, a cycling area, a pop-up store, a cultural centre, a hairdresser, … Many possibilities, no obligations.

´Everybody deserves a great place to live´. Everyone deserves a safe, sound, enjoyable place to live. In our developments we promote both a social and an intergenerational mix of residents. We develop sites with not just homes and apartments, but also sometimes assisted-living residences, a residential and nursing centre, a day-care centre, a community centre. People thrive in a pleasant and healthy environment, and in a neighbourhood where they feel a connection with one another.

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