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Our social responsibility

No fewer than 80% of people find the neighbourhood they live in to be every bit as important as the home itself. As a neighbourhood developer, we strive for inclusive neighbourhoods where people interact with one another and can fully develop themselves. So we developed a neighbourhood with not just homes and apartments but also adapted residences where people with limitations can live under supervision.

The Matexi Award also highlights social cohesion and recognises projects that get engaged on behalf of their neighbourhood. Such initiatives that help bind a neighbourhood together are close to our heart, and we support them with a money prize so that they can continue and further develop.

As a company we also work, via a number of socially responsible projects, on achieving a more inclusive society. Matexi is a founding partner of YouthStart, an organisation that encourages determined and resourceful young people to discover the challenges and possibilities of independent entrepreneurship. Matexi is co-founder of Vicinia, an independent knowledge centre for neighbourhoods. Vicinia focuses on neighbourhood issues without engaging in party politics. Matexi also supports Itinera Institute in order to contribute to the debate on sustainable economic growth and social protection. Matexi is also founding sponsor of Guberna, the Directors´ Institute that promotes good governance for all companies

"Sustainability is translated not only in terms of energy savings, quality and service life of the materials, good mobility and safety, it also manifests itself in the connection between people. That´s why we find it so important to support projects that bring neighbourhood residents closer to one another."

Gaëtan Hannecart,
Chairman of the Investment Committee of Matexi


In September 2018, Matexi and the non-profit association Mozaïek vzw gave the starting shot for an inclusive residential model. 15 people with mental disabilities can live their lives in 3 adapted, linked homes as autonomously as possible, participate in the social life of the neighbourhood while at the same time being able to count on the necessary assistance and support.


Together with Revive, we are developing a new urban neighbourhood on the old Tupperware site in the centre of Aalst, along the Dender river, where young and old, families and singles live together in a pleasant mix. It will include family homes, apartments, assisted-living residences, supplemented by gardens, stores, community facilities and a brasserie.

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Zomerfeest op de Aalst Pier Kornel werf


Belle Vallée in Jodoigne is conceived according to the principle of harmonious integration into the environment, with a strong focus on preserving the natural characteristics of the site. We are providing a new park with an orchard that is freely accessible for the local population and has an educational function for the schools of Jodoigne.

Voorgevel woningen Jodoigne

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