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In the inner-city context, it is generally necessary to demolish obsolete or unsuitable buildings and build new ones (while reusing materials) and to clean up polluted sites or old plant grounds.

When developing our projects we go to work carefully and thoughtfully: we strive to densify, with an optimal spatial planning and with respect for the existing green areas and heritage elements. We also introduce greenery ourselves and seek to foster biodiversity - with green roofs, for example.

We develop compact houses and apartments with sophisticated designs, without compromising on living quality. And we use use regional and renewable, energy-efficient materials and techniques as much as possible.

We try to make our business and construction processes maximally efficient as well; e.g. by transporting equipment and materials to and from the worksites via waterways instead of roads.

The simple reality is that development is a long-term undertaking. Working out a master plan, obtaining the necessary permits, finding the right partners, ... it all takes time. Meanwhile, buildings stand empty and terrains remain open. Matexi is all too happy to make them available for a wide range of pop-ups and other temporary uses, thus generating dynamic, creative, culinary and cultural meeting places, giving the ´empty´ spot a boost even before the building works begin.


We are developing a new urban quarter on the former industrial grounds between the Sea Canal and the Zenne river. Thanks to a master plan that gives the residents what they need - including a sophisticated sustainable mobility plan and flexible buildings - this urban quarter is future-proof.

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One sustainable urban improvement method is to strip out an old office building and breathe new life into it, and that´s exactly what we´ve done here, while also using renewable energy sources with solar panels for each apartment, underfloor heating, high insulation values and movable solar protection. 

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We are developing Wallonia´s first innovative ´eco-quarter´ on the former industrial site of the sugar refinery in Genappe. The neighbourhood is designed entirely according to the criteria for ´sustainable neighbourhoods´ with maximum attention for soft mobility, public space, greenery, the groundwater system and use of natural resources.

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In the centre of Roeselare we are developing an urban neighbourhood with apartments, town houses and commercial spaces that are connected to the heating network. They also have solar panels, insulating glass and underfloor heating. All units are nearly zero energy and meet the 2021 energy standard. 

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