Antwerp Antwerp Tower

  • 240 apartments
  • 6.453 m² commercial space
  • 2.805 m² catering industry
  • 5.018 m² offices
  • 199 parking places
  • 2.616 m² project surface


CLIENT(S): Matexi

Architecture: Wiel Arets Architects, ELD partnership
Landscape architecture: Arcade Concept Engineering

LOCATION: Operaplein – De Keyserlei, 2018 Antwerp
TOTAL COSTS (EXCL. VAT): 84.000.000 €

2012 start development
2017 start realisation
2023 expected completion date


The redevelopment of the former office tower of Antwerp Tower, is a top-class urban reconversion project. Matexi combines years of expertise and know-how with the insights and inspiration of internationally renowned architect Wiel Arets. A vision that was translated into a metropolitan residential tower in collaboration with the city of Antwerp. A total of 240 apartments and penthouses will be built. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer an enormous feeling of space. The residents have an unobstructed view of the skyline of the city.

In the base of the building there is room for retail, offices, catering and parking. In this way, Matexi puts the "Opera" district back on the map.

Zijaanzicht van de appartementen

For over 20 years now Matexi has focused on inner-city reconversion projects, redevelopment of both historical heritage buildings and former industrial sites and vacant, obsolete buildings. These transformation projects fit perfectly with today´s emphasis on dealing carefully with the available space.

´Brownfield´ is a term used for grounds that - due to the presence of soil pollution - are no longer suitable for use. Such industrial grounds often enjoy a good location, close to the urban centre. We clean them up, integrate them into the urban fabric and redevelop them into lively new residential neighbourhoods.

We strive for a sustainable future. To succeed in this we work from a long-term vision. We proceed from planet, people, profit: we start out from a duty to care for both the world (planet) and society (people). Profit is a result and a means, never an end in itself - although it is necessary so as to be able to continue practicing our profession.

We ´reprogramme´ existing buildings (whether they have been classified for preservation by the government or not) so that they meet contemporary standards, with full respect for their historical and architectural value. Such as an earlier barracks, an old hospital, a vacant office building, a former brewery.

Matexi encourages neighbourhoods where we can simultaneously live, shop, work, go to school and relax. So we reduce the use of autos and a neighbourhood remains alive long after school is over and offices have closed. Inner-city core reinforcement with sufficient neighbourhood amenities encourages not only the neighbourhood experience, it also brings the people who live there closer to one another.

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