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Matexi is the ideal knowledge and development partner for neighbourhood creation. We advocate consuming less open space and putting an end to ribbon development (and ill-considered development in general). It is necessary to engage in dense development in the centres of cities and municipalities, close to amenities and public transport.

Our research on the evolution of the use of space indicates that there is still a great potential for additional housing without taking a bite out of the remaining open spaces, and that this will be sufficient to handle the expected growth in the number of families. A change is also occurring in terms of living space. We´re living more compactly than earlier, and this is a growing trend.

In order to achieve the vision of ‘the concrete stop’, the government needs to work on faster, more legally certain and flexible permit application procedures, and it has to do a much better job of aligning its tax policy with the spatial objectives, e.g. via a single VAT rate for both renovations and new construction.


A few kilometres from the centre of Antwerp we are developing a new neighbourhood with a total of 580 residential units.  With over 3,000 m² of greenery, a pond, cycling and walking paths, people can live here in a calm park zone.

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Kijkwoning van Deurne Eksterlaer


This core-reinforcing development is restructuring a 50-hectare area, providing space for sports, activities for young people, a container park, an SME zone and residences. We are also planting hedges and trees and creating squares and small neighbourhood parks.

Straatbeeld met kinderen in De Pinte


In Nivelles we are developing an infill development-oriented residential neighbourhood with around 800 residential units, 5,000 m² of retail and offices, a day-care centre and assisted-living residences on around 45 hectares. The city centre of Nivelles is close by, while the neighbourhood offers plenty of greenery and recreational possibilities.

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