The advantages of choosing Matexi

Matexi develops sustainable houses and apartments for optimal living comfort, which offer surprisingly much for your budget. In inspiring neighbourhoods. To make that happen, we give you a strong commitment. Your satisfaction is of crucial importance to us.

Peace of mind

You can buy a new house or a new apartment at Matexi, ready-made and ready to move in, without any construction stress.

The price is the price

A deal is a deal. There are no unexpected surcharges and you move to your new home on the set date.

Surprisingly much for your budget

We guarantee high quality materials, a professional installation and finishing. Your home is an interesting and safe investment.

Lively neighbourhoods

Each project strengthens the character of the neighbourhood and is cleverly located, with smooth mobility. Where possible, we provide new facilities such as playgrounds, low-traffic residential areas and cycle paths.

A clear and transparent plan

A logical and clear step-by-step plan guides you from purchase to completion and even beyond.

personal guidance

At important moments, you will sit down with your customer counsellor. Together you choose your kitchen, bathroom and finishing materials. You determine the style of your interior.

Energy efficient

The houses are equipped with modern, user-friendly techniques. They meet today's energy requirements and are ready for tomorrow. In this way, you can save on your energy bill.

75 years of experience

Matexi is a modern family business with 75 years of experience. We have already made more than 42,500 families happy in their new homes. This is the best guarantee that we will also bring your project to a successful conclusion.
The tranquillity, the time Matexi made and how they thought along with my personal situation, all that convinced me to sign the compromise.