Everybody deserves a great place to live

Do we live in a world in order to build, or are we building a world to live in? At Matexi, we believe that a home is far more than four walls and a roof overhead.

A house is much more than four walls with a roof above it. Everyone deserves a safe, solid, pleasant place to live.

People flourish in a neighbourhood where we are connected. Social cohesion and a sense of community are part of a warm home. At Matexi, we contribute to this.

Matexi sees its real mission as creating desirable residential living spaces.

We develop homes and apartments that are simultaneously affordable and sustainable. 75 years of experience and know-how and our sincere commitment to working together with all stakeholders ensure the creation of high-quality, healthy and pleasant neighbourhoods. Neighbourhoods where it´s good to live together.

Our story

Neighbourhood developer and market leader

Matexi does dense development in the centres of cities and municipalities, close to everyday amenities and public transport.

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Specialist in inner-city reconversion projects

Matexi has been focusing on urban reconversion for over 20 years now. The redevelopment of vacant buildings and abandoned sites fits perfectly with today´s emphasis on dealing carefully with the available space.

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Our sustainable approach

As a developer, we want to contribute to the intelligent use and minimum consumption of our planet´s natural resources.

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Our social responsibility

At Matexi, we contribute to an inclusive and social society and we have made a firm commitment to support a number of socially valuable initiatives.

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Our activities


The 1st stage in the development process is to acquire land and neighbourhood sites. More and more frequently these are disused industrial grounds, old factories and vacant office buildings. These are the basic ingredients for the development process, to be followed by designing enjoyable neighbourhoods, securing the permits, then construction and sale.


Development includes a thorough analysis of the site, the neighbourhood and the broader environment, the elaboration of a design in consultation with the locals and local officials.

During this phase we also obtain the necessary permits for implementing the design.


To build our neighbourhoods we work together with preferred partners such as design partners, executing partners, producers, financial, legal and commercial partners. Thanks to our expertise, experience, local anchoring and knowledge, we are a reliable long-term partner.


We offer our customers peace of mind when they buy their home. Our customer advisors accompany them from purchase through acceptance with a clear step-by-step plan. That´s how 42,500 families have already been able to make their housing dream come true.

Offering land or building

Do you have a piece of land or a building for sale?

Matexi is always looking for opportunities for new project developments.

Show us your land or building