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Good governance

The board of directors of Matexi NV consists of the managing director, 5 external directors and 2 representatives of the family. Their mission: to approve the strategy and policy and to supervise the actual implementation of the company's objectives.

Management Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for formulating proposals relating to the strategy and policy, the execution of the business plans and the approval and follow-up of the operational projects to implement the strategy and policy.

From left to right:

  • Mirek Bednarek, Regional Business Director Region International
  • Philip Goris, (for PG Consulting Comm.V) Chief Financial Officer
  • Jimmy Sterckx, (for Sterckx Business Services BV) Regional Business Director Regio Antwerpen – Limburg – Vlaams-Brabant
  • Dirk Blendeman, (for Shinrai BV) Chief People & Process Officer
  • Gaëtan Hannecart, (for Vauban NV) CEO, voorzitter directiecomité
  • Matthijs Keersebilck, (for Loupau BV) Sales, Marketing & Communication Director
  • Wouter Coucke, (for Lires BV) Acquisition & Development Director
  • Frederik Van Damme, (for Fortjen BV) Regional Business Director Region East and West Flanders
  • Didier Delplanque, (for Kalius BV) Chief Construction Officer
  • Ivan Van de Maele, (for De Blauwhoeve BV) Secretary-General
  • Luc Parmentier, Regional Business Director Region Brussels - Wallonia (for Meeus & Parmentier Properties BV)
  • Kristoff De Winne, (for DW Consulting BV) Manager Corporate Office

Our history


Victor Vande Vyvere and Clémence Roels are a farming couple in Meulebeke. After Victor dies in 1917, Clémence finds herself alone with their 9 children. Clémence takes the brave decision to send her 4 sons and 5 daughters to the local college and boarding school.


In 1945 the 3 brothers Gerard, Robert and Herman Vande Vyvere create Matexi, the Maatschappij tot Exploitatie van Immobiliën. They buy large tracts of agricultural land and sell it in smaller parcels to farmers who, in this way, are able to acquire their own farms.


In 1962 the 3rd generation comes on board with Gerard´s son, Christian Vande Vyvere. Robert´s son Bernard follows in 1965 and Herman´s son Philippe joins Matexi in 1973. They remained active in the company until 2002, 1990 and 2006, respectively.


In 1994, it´s the 4th generation´s turn. Gaëtan Hannecart, husband of Bénédicte Vande Vyvere, Christian´s daughter, joins the family business in 1994 and Bruno Vande Vyvere, Christian´s son, follows suit in 1996.


With 75 years of experience and know-how, we are the market leader and have the strength required to carry out the most challenging real estate projects, at home and abroad. Moreover, for over 20 years Matexi has been a pioneer and market leader in complex, inner-city redevelopment projects.

75 years of expertise

As market leader, Matexi has already made more than 42,500 families happy with a new home.

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