Rent now, buy later

Living in your dream home while still saving up a little bit? We've got you covered...

Are you also dreaming of your own home but your resources are limited? Then HappyNest is just for you! This 'rent now, buy later' formula by Matexi and BNP Paribas Fortis makes buying your own sustainable home affordable again: you rent for a few years before you buy.  

How does it work? Your rent counts towards the purchase of your home but without obligation to buy. This gives you more time to save up, explore your new neighbourhood and, most of all: there’s no stress.  

Buy yourself some breathing room and flexibility. Get off to a flying start with HappyNest. 


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Why opt for HappyNest?

Your own home: something that many of us aspire to have one day. But for many (young) people this is a mountain to climb. Prices have soared and so have interest rates. Securing a mortgage loan without a financial leg up is becoming virtually impossible 

The solution? We called it HappyNest. Because good living creates happiness. 

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The benefits:

Your rent is not lost

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Your rent partly contributes to the buying of your own home in a later stage!

Our sustainable approach

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All HappyNest homes are energy-efficient newbuilds. This allows you to save up something extra as well!

Unrivalled flexibility

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Your rental period is the perfect time to fully test your new home, and your new neighbourhood.

Is HappyNest also the solution for you?

HappyNest caters to everyone who would like to purchase their own property but who lack the financial resources due to the current market conditions.  

What’s more, we’re not offering just any home. We want to help you buy a high-quality and energy-efficient pad of your own. That includes young starters, one-parent and blended families, ... This way we are all contributing to diverse, lively neighbourhoods and a sustainable world.  

So we are keeping the bar low. The formula is accessible to anyone who can prove they have a stable income.

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How does HappyNest work?

Buy your own home in 3 steps

HappyNest builds a bridge between renting and ownership, custom-tailored to your budget. Check the video below to discover how we make sustainable living attainable for you. 

  1. You find a property in our portfolio that ticks your boxes.  

  2. You start by renting the property at a price that is in line with the market. All homes are very energy-efficient, giving you additional saving room. 

  3. You purchase the property in the fifth or sixth year at a price set in advance. A part of the rent you paid over the years is deducted from the purchase price. 

What if you decide not to buy? No problem! The option is without obligation

Register for the HappyNest waiting list

Want to be the first to know when HappyNest offers become available in your area? Leave your details on our waiting list.

The more often your postcode appears in the waiting list, the more likely we are to meet the HappyNest demand in your area.

Frequently asked questions

Who is behind HappyNest?

HappyNest is a joint initiative by BNP Paribas Fortis and Matexi. The two market leaders have joined forces to promote affordable and sustainable living and make the housing market more accessible. The ‘rent now, buy later’ concept makes this possible. 

Who is eligible for a HappyNest home?

HappyNest has been created to actively respond to a current need to become owner of a property. In a rapidly changing market and regulation, HappyNest wants to reach people who, in this current market situation, do not have the starting capital to achieve this today. Our product is in accordance with rental legislation, so once you can prove that you have a stable income, you need to be able to participate. 

How is the rent determined?

A rental price that is in line with the market is set in advance. The rental index is linked to the health index and serves to adjust rental prices to inflation. 

Can I keep renting if I ultimately decide not to buy the property?

If you decide not to buy the property it will be sold to a new owner, without costs.  The new owner will take the lease and decide whether you can continue to rent the property or - subject to legal notice - whether they have other plans. 

How does buying a property with Matexi work?

We get in touch

You found your dream home in our offer, but you have just insufficient financial resources to purchase. You leave your contact details. We will contact you soon.

We get to know each other 

During a personal conversation, we tell you more about the neighbourhood, the various HappyNest homes / apartments and the working method of HappyNest. Ask your questions and indicate what your wishes are. We inform you about all details. This conversation often takes place in the viewing house and you immediately have the opportunity to experience it!

We want to go for it together

You decide that the house or apartment is really for you, and you want to rent it before buying via the HappyNest formula. You decide to put yourself up as a candidate-tenant. The seller confirms and plans to sign the lease. At this point, you already know the purchase price of the house if you wish to buy it in a few years.

Welcome to the neighbourhood!

You sign the lease with HappyNest. Congratulations with your new home! You will first be a tenant of your new home for a few years, while you continue saving up for the later purchase. We remain in close contact and you can contact us with all your questions through your HappyNest rental and buying process. Welcome to the neighbourhood!

What does 'buy now, rent later' mean?

Imagine: you found your dream home, but you are facing a financial deficit. HappyNest has the answer to be able to acquire your own home, in the form of its 'rent now, buy later' formula.

With the 'rent now, buy later' concept of HappyNest, you first rent your home before you purchase it at a later stage.

You rent the house or apartment at a competitive price. After five or six years, the choice is yours, you can buy the house at a pre-arranged price. In addition, half of your paid rent from the past four years will be deducted from the purchase price.

Do you decide not to buy? No problem. The option is completely non-binding. You can continue to rent the house, or you can decide to move.

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