Everybody deserves a great place to live

Land or a building to offer?

At Matexi, you receive a fair price for your property and the peace of mind that we use the land for projects that offer a high-quality response to important housing needs in our society.

We´re always looking for opportunities for new neighbourhood developments. We´re looking for places in cities, interesting sites on the periphery of cities or close to public transport nodes. We´re equally interested in small, medium-sized and large projects.

Together with you, we analyse the possibilities and limitations of the land or building, taking what may and can be done with them into account.

We develop projects together with the land or building owners, both private owners and governments and companies.

Do you own a project land, building lot or property or do you know of interesting locations in your area as a local resident?

Please feel free to contact Matexi using the contact form below.