Investing in real estate

Real estate, that's a future-proof investment.

Looking for an investment that is both stable and inflation-resistant, and that yields an attractive return to boot? Then investing in real estate is the obvious choice. Supplementing your investment portfolio with the sale/rental of residential housing is definitely a good choice. This is because a real estate investment protects your assets against inflation while opting for a stable return.

In the long term the value retention of real estate is a genuine asset. By supplementing your investment portfolio with real estate you are not only guaranteed a rental income but also an added value from the sale of the property. With Matexi Invest you can choose from a range of newbuild apartments and houses in carefully selected prime locations in Belgium with a high rental potential.

Which investment will give you a nice return, without sleepless nights? Come to Matexi with your plans. Together we will find the investment that fits you and your budget perfectly. Want to hear more? We will be happy to guide you.

75 years of experience


Matexi is an expert in inner-city reconversion projects.

Location determination


Subdivisions in the cores of cities, close to amenities and public transportation.

New building projects

Snel Verhuurd

Tenants often find new construction more attractive.

Transparent purchase process

Wat Huurder Wil

Clear guidance through one point of contact.

Popular new construction developments for investors:

Antwerp Antwerp Tower

  • Energy-compliant and directly available apartments in the new district of Vilvoorde
  • Surrounded by water and greenery
  • Traffic-free site with a bike and walking boulevard along the waterfront

Liège Paradis Express

  • Perfectly integrated neighborhood project on a prime location in Liège
  • Paradis Express as an economic center: Surrounding offices already fully rented
  • Convenient rental market given the central location & offices

*Over vastgoed rendement

De rendementsberekening en de gehanteerde huurprijzen, interesten en kosten zijn louter indicatief. Matexi geeft geen enkele waarborg hieromtrent.
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Building quality, facilities and location were the deciding factors for me. 4 Fountains met those requirements perfectly. In less than 2 weeks my 2 apartments were rented.


How profitable is investing in real estate?

Market Economist Roel Helgers is happy to share his expertise!

We see that more and more Belgians are choosing real estate. This is not illogical: Real estate prices in our country have risen about 3.5% per year for the last 5 years. That means that you not only get a return on your rental income, but you also earn on your investment when you sell your house or apartment after a few years.

Those who respond smartly to that demographic evolution and have an eye for sustainable, energy-efficient new construction are taking a lead over other investors."

Portret van Roel Helgers

Frequently asked questions about investing in real estate:

What are the tax advantages of investing in real estate?

You'll find the biggest benefit in your taxes. You are only taxed on the indexed cadastral income of your property and not on any rental income. There is also an expense deduction, interest deduction (from your loan) and an additional investment deduction.

How do I calculate my real estate return?

Three main factors determine the return on real estate are: The amount of rent, the potential capital gain in the future, and your own contribution.

You quickly calculate the gross return on real estate by multiplying the rent by twelve, and then dividing by the purchase price. For the net return, you take into account all additional costs.

How to invest for rent

An extra income on top of your monthly salary. One that matches the loan amount to be paid. These are the major advantages of renting out. An important aspect to consider is: do you have the time and inclination to manage and rent out your investment property yourself? And above all, don't choose a property that is too big. The location and the target group you want to rent to, plays an important role in your search.

Investing with a limited budget in real estate, does that work?

Sure, even with a rather limited budget you can purchase a property and in this way assure yourself of a nice investment. Are you preparing for a first, (limited) investment? Then keep these rules of thumb in mind. Taking into account the quota is of great importance. Quotity is the ratio between the amount borrowed and the value of the house or apartment. The leverage effect, whereby the added value realized is higher than if you were to finance everything with your own means. If renting out is an option. Try to match the rental money with the amount borrowed, that way the loan will pay itself off.

What is the best investment for me? A renovation home or new home?

Many investors prefer a newly built house or apartment. The advantages are obvious: you build a security of say 15 years not having to deal with unexpected costs. The protection provided by the contractor's 10-year liability plays a major role in this. With older buildings, you have to make additional investments in the renovation. These costs are more often than not higher than expected. Are you quite handy or have good connections. Help you a lot in this choice. On the other hand, the purchase of the renovation home may be a bit lower compared to a new home.

Get the most out of your investment, with minimal concerns for yourself.

Rental-ready finishing

We make your home a home. A Matexi Invest finishing package will finish your apartment or house in detail and make it ready to rent in one swoop: From paintings to lighting and curtains. This way you can get your investment to return as quickly as possible.



Hand over the management of your property to a renderer, who is your go-to person for technical, administrative, financial and legal follow-up. Searching tenants, tracking lease fees, making repairs, … in short: Having your investment professionally managed without any worries for you, is our priority.

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