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Specialist in inner-city reconversion projects

Urban reconversion is a crucial instrument for densifying and renovating the aged Belgian housing stock.

For over 20 years now Matexi has been concentrating on such ‘city transforming projects’ and the redevelopment of buildings and abandoned sites –whether historical or industrial. We clean them up, integrate them into the urban fabric and redevelop them into lively new places that improve the whole neighbourhood. We apply the knowledge and experience that we have accumulated over the course of decades in the fields of spatial planning, architecture, affordable living and sustainability.

Matexi always strives for a mixed programme where we can live, shop, work and relax at (virtually) the same time. We promote both a social and an intergenerational mix of residents. We develop sites with single-family homes, apartments, sometimes assisted-living residences, a day-care centre, a community centre, a retirement home. And all of that with a high-quality, common green outdoor space. In this way we reinforce dynamic social contacts, which constitutes an added value for the neighbourhood residents.


On the former site of the Lamot bottling plant and brewery along the Dijle river, Matexi developed between 1999 and 2004 the new ´Lamot´ quarter with apartments, town houses, lofts, a hotel, stores, restaurants, cafés and underground parking. Living, working, shopping and leisure were optimally integrated in a public-private partnership with the City of Mechelen and the Flemish Region. Minimal traffic pressure, 230 underground parking spaces and easy accessibility make Lamot an enjoyable place to spend time.

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Zicht vanaf het water op het Lamot complex


On the earlier site of the Military Hospital in the middle of the city we are creating a car-free historical park of more than 7 hectares. The activities of living, working, shopping, relaxing and meeting others are all brought together there.

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Luchtbeeld van het Groen Kwartier


The redevelopment of a former urban eyesore, the Antwerp Tower office building, is producing a 240-apartment residential tower with great metropolitan flair. The base has room for retail and offices, cafés and restaurants and underground parking spaces. With this project Matexi is putting the opera quarter back on the map.

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Zicht vanop straat op de Antwerp Tower


On the stately Kouter Square, right in the historical centre of Ghent, we are creating luxury apartments, penthouses, urban villas, offices and a stylish new pedestrian shopping street with boutiques of top brands.

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Straatbeeld vanaf de Kouter


A family-friendly, sustainable, limited-traffic and urban neighbourhood for 1,200 families is coming to the former industrial grounds between the Sea Canal and the Zenne river. We are creating green zones and squares, space for cafés and restaurants, offices, workplaces and social initiatives.

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Zicht vanaf het water op de appartementen


Together with Chateaux Real Estate, we are transforming the former industrial site along the Canal Basin into a ´waterfront´ with apartments, homes, boutiques, restaurants, a promenade, a marina and 2,400 underground parking spaces.

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Vooraanzicht van de appartementen

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