Hasselt Alba

  • 52 apartments
  • 1200 m² offices
  • 94 parking places
  • 5.110 m² project surface


Stability: AB associates
CLIENT(S): Matexi

Architecture: MaMu architecten
Techniques: Enerdo Lummen
Landscape architecture: CCup / Van Vlierden - Pelt

TOTAL COSTS (EXCL. VAT): 13.000.000 €
BVO in m²: 6.986 m²

2014 start development
2016 start realisation
2021 expected completion date

Matexi encourages neighbourhoods where we can simultaneously live, shop, work, go to school and relax. So we reduce the use of autos and a neighbourhood remains alive long after school is over and offices have closed. Inner-city core reinforcement with sufficient neighbourhood amenities encourages not only the neighbourhood experience, it also brings the people who live there closer to one another.

We strive for a sustainable future. To succeed in this we work from a long-term vision. We proceed from planet, people, profit: we start out from a duty to care for both the world (planet) and society (people). Profit is a result and a means, never an end in itself - although it is necessary so as to be able to continue practicing our profession.

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